• Full Mechanical HVAC;  Mike Leardi Company General Foreman, Mike has been in the field running work for 18 years. He is a certified Welder, Gas Fitter, Journeyman Plumber, Boiler tech, and Journeyman Pipe Fitter. Kevin Wood Foreman, is a Licensed Journeyman Pipe fitter and Welder.
  • Project Management; Tim Nickerson President and Owner is a Pipe Fitter Journeyman and can provide Project Management Services. Project Management responsibilities include estimating, complete Project Budgeting, Site Safety and project close-out.
  • Boiler Replacement; Tim, Mike, and Kevin have completed numerous complete Boiler Change-Outs over the years. Their certification  in Confined Space, Confined Space Supervisor training uniquely qualify them for these projects.
  • Chiller Replacement; Our personnel are trained Rigging and Craine operations, greatly enhancing our ability to complete these projects with minimal cost and out-side assistance.
  • Air Handler/Rooftop Replacement; Again, the training our personnel have received uniquely qualify our Company for these demanding and challenging projects.
  • Wet Taps; Our Company has the unique tools and equipment to install Wet Taps up to 8 inches in diameter.
  • Welding; We can provide on-site welding operations and Supervision.
  • Pipe-fitting; Our staff is qualified and experienced in all manners of Pipe-fitting. Our technicians and Managers have over 44 years of experience between them in all manner and types of Pipe-Fitting projects.
  • Duct Work; Our Company can provide all the services required to design, fabricate and install all manners of Ducting. Our personnel have stayed current on new and developing technologies in the design and construction of required Duct Work to optimize the HVAC system's efficiency and operation.
  • Controls and Automation; Our Managers are continually reading and investigating new technologies as they appear to insure our Clients get the most current and up-to-date Control and Automation systems in their installations. Technology improvements never stop changing and improving and our Managers and Estimators work hard at staying up-to-date as the new Technologies develop.
  • Air and Water Balancing; Optimizing a systems Air and Water systems will help insure the overall system is operating at it's highest and most efficient level. This can help minimize a Companies overall energy dependency and help keep Operating Costs down.
  • Mechanical Insulation; As important  as the balancing of a system is the type and manner of Insulation used in a project is equally important. Our Estimators and Technicians can insure that your system has the most cost effective and optimal Insulation installed in all areas.
  • Commercial & Government; Our personnel and Company are all ready Certified to work in Secret Installations and have Department of Security Services Certification, minimizing the ramp up and set up time required for starting and completing work in Military and Civilian installations.We are fully insured with a $3 million aggregate, $2 Million Umbrella, Vehicle and Workman's comp.
  • Insurance; We are fully insured with a $3 million aggregate, $2 Million Umbrella, Vehicle and Workman's comp. We can provide certificate of insurance upon request.
    Our Bonding is up to $1,000,000.00 per Project and $2,500,000.00 aggregate.

Work ranging from tenant fit-out, downtown Boston high rises, metro west, government facilities such as: Air Force and Navy bases, hospital facilities, pharmacies have been completed in the past.